Bible teaching is the cornerstone of MBC's ministry. Every summer we host a full roster of gifted bible teachers who will encourage and equip you, to the glory of God.

Summer Chapel Times

Sunday, 9AM, 11AM, 7PM
Monday — Friday, 10AM, 7PM

Summer@MBC 2018

Our theme this summer will focus on the nine Beatitudes described by Christ in the gospel of Matthew. The first (Matt 5:3) sets the stage for the others... encouraging a posture of poverty before God, acknowledging our need for Him.

Happiness is the greatest desire of mankind. The whole world is longing for it and it is awful to see the way that people seek it because the majority are doing so in a way that will produce misery. Jesus wanted to explain for His followers the true path to blessedness, and He did it through the Sermon on the Mount. Nowhere in human history has there been embodied in such few words truth so monumental.

The Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-11 are a short but profoundly beautiful and influential collection of sayings by Jesus. They sum up His teaching about what it means to live as a child of God’s kingdom. The word beatitude comes from the word BEATIFY which means to have supreme blessedness. So, let’s look this summer at The Beatitudes and what Jesus said.